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Water pollution: Case Study

EU Commission and Project Management Group

Project Title:
The protection of Waters from Pollution caused by Nitrates from Agricultural Sources (Project locations: Bulgaria and Slovakia)

Project Objective:
To assist the relevant authorities in Bulgaria and Slovakia to bring their legislative and regulatory framework in line with EU requirements prior to their accession into the EU.

Paul was the agricultural expert in a team of specialist water consultants to assist the local authorities in implementing the Nitrates Directive in their own country. Work conducted included:
developing codes of good agricultural practice
defining on-farm measures that limit and avoid pollution of waters by nitrates from agricultural sources
providing guidance to local authorities in preparing action plans for implementing the Directive
preparing a training program and information materials (in the Slovak and Bulgarian languages) for farmers from a selected pilot area
organising a workshop on the principles of protecting waters against nitrate pollution.

The outputs achieved from these tasks were:
codes of Good Agricultural Practice for Bulgaria and Slovakia
action plans for the implementation of the Nitrates directive
training and information materials for farmers
workshops on the principles of water protection against nitrate pollution for relevant authorities and stakeholders

To produce these outputs Paul was required to:
Study the agricultural profile of Bulgaria and Slovakia and become knowledgeable about local farming practices, activities and enterprises.
Consult with local government ministries (environment and agriculture), local authorities, the scientific establishment, the farming community and NGOs
Recommend a practical and effective Action Programme and Code to prevent water pollution from agricultural activities.

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