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Environment Impact Assessment: Case Study

Philip Farrelly & Company

EIS Titles:
Construction of new national routes N2 and N3: Impact on agriculture

The construction of upgrades to the N2 and N3 national routes involves building completely new roads through tracts of land that is currently in agricultural use.
These developments will have a significant impact on farms along the new routes. Individual farms will be slightly, moderately or severely affected.
To assess the impact each farm was visited and a report compiled on how it would be affected by the new road.

Nature of work:
Paul studied the individual reports of all the farms visited and to prepare an overview report on the affect on agriculture of the new road.
This report classified farms in accordance with their size and enterprise and how severely or otherwise the new road would impact upon them. It also detailed the total level of remediation works required (e.g. drainage works, fencing, new entrances, etc) as a result of the new road.

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