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Technical Writing: Case Study

Teagasc (Curriculum Development Unit), Kildalton, Co. Kilkenny

Project Type:
Production of Training material - The development and editing of textbooks for students attending agricultural and horticultural colleges or participating in courses at Teagasc training centres.

Project Objective:
To provide suitable materials for the Teagasc training programmes. These programmes use a modular approach to training and education. There are over eighty textbooks available. Students taking part in Teagasc courses have a range of textbooks available to them that cover all the topics relevant to their course. Teagasc also run specialised courses (for example, farm safety, alternative enterprises, small business development) and textbooks for these courses are available or are under development.

Paul's role is that of sub editor and writer of material for inclusion in the student workbooks. Titles produced to date include:

1) 'Farming and the Environment'
2) 'Start your own Business'
3) 'Introduction to Farm Forestry'
4) 'Farming and Wildlife'
5) 'Sustainable Farm Management'
6) 'Pests and Diseases of Horticultural Crops'
7) 'Winter and Spring Cereal Production'
8) 'Introduction to Tillage farming'
9) 'Introduction to Crop Pesticides'
10) 'Grassland Machinery'
11) 'Pesticide Application'
12) 'Grass production'
13) 'Grass conservation'
14) 'Tractor Maintenance'
15) 'Tractor Operations'

The modules are continually developing in response to the needs of the students of today, and new topics are regularly introduced. For example, in response to the increasing emphasis of sustainable farming practices and protection of the environment, modules covering 'Farming and Wildlife' and 'Sustainable Farm Management' have been developed.

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