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Farm Audits and Inspections

Paul Bell has extensive experience in farm audits and since 1997 has been inspecting farms and food processors to assess their compliance with EC Regulation 2092/91 on the production and processing of organic food. This work has been carried out for Organic Certification Bodies that have been designated by the Department of Agriculture and Food to certify organic farms and processors.

Farm or Food Assurance Scheme
Many farmers have opted to join a Farm or Food Assurance Scheme in order to provide a quality assurance mark for their customers.

These schemes are implemented by food processors, trade associations or by farmers themselves. Examples of such schemes include the Beef Assurance Quality Scheme, the Bord Glas Quality Assurance Scheme and the Grain Assurance Quality Scheme.

Inspections by the Department of Agriculture and Food
Farmers are also subject to inspections by the Department of Agriculture and Food or its agents for compliance with various EU sponsored schemes and Directives.

The reform of EU farm payments will mean that, from 2005, farms in receipt of EU support payments are to be inspected/audited for their compliance with EU environmental regulations.

Case Study 5: Farm Audits/Inspections
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